ABOUT - Arbo Rae photography

My name is Arbo Rae and I am a landscape and travel photographer from Estonia.

I have been keen to photography already since I was a child and my fathers red-lighted darkroom was a mysterious place for me.

When I grow up photography was a casual activity for me - trips, children, gatherings with family and friends, sports.

In 2006 I took my first course for beginners and bought first DSLR. Even I did some wedding jobs back then I never thought about myself as a photographer.

Sports and mountain bike orienteering have taken me to places I would not be aware of and thanks to that I had a wider scope over places and landscapes.

However I could not look past the colors and shapes of natural landscapes, especially during my outdoor activities or trips. Until beginning of 2017 -  when capturing enhanced moments and chasing them become conscious decision.

You are welcome to follow my journey!

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